The Mouth isn’t just all talk. He slapped together the best video from the final moments of Sunday night’s glorious Game 7 victory that sent the Los Angeles Kings to the Stanley Cup final and the radio call from the Kings’ own Nick Nickson. Courtesy: NBC Sports Network and Kings radio 1150

Kings vs. Ducks Game 4 Recap – Well That Was Ugly

Does anyone cherish home ice? Apparently not.

Jonathan Quick Gives Us One of the Greatest Moments in Kings History

In this, his first public moment out of his introverted shell, Jonathan Quick finally has an unfiltered dialog with someone: 18,000 fans.

VIDEO: The Mouth’s LA Kings 2012 Playoff Recap

Under that rough, foul-mouthed exterior, is a mushy, Coldplay-loving, LA Kings super freak. Video evidence here:  

That Just Happened

Welcome to LA, Jeff Carter. How did you get here on a boat?

Looking Ahead: No Time Like the Present

The time is now for the Los Angeles Kings to put together a winning streak, or they could be facing a steep uphill battle in March.

I’m Really Starting to Like This Darryl Sutter Guy

I agree. Syrup moratorium lifted.

The bottom line is- this team is playing for him, and they are starting to put together an identity.

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