Top Shelf

Here you’ll find some of our favorite sites, videos, and links of all kinds. Most of which you’ve probably already seen, but either way it’ll be worth a look again.

One of the greatest creations to ever grace the Interweb, it is a re-creation, or in modern you-tube terms, a ‘mash-up’, of the Pittsburgh Penguins mercilessly dismantling the Minnesota North Stars 8-0 to win the Cup.

This video was created utilizing the two best sources possible: Mike Lange’s live radio call, and video from NHL ’94, which is, as the site describes,”the zenith of hockey video games.” No argument here. You have to see it for yourself. (I’ve asked for an embedded video code but have not heard a response)

The site also runs an online full scale hockey league where players can compete against one another using an emulator to play the classic video game online. Forget pornography, this is what the internet is supposed to be used for.

Where else but Puck Daddy was this gem first discovered by us and most of the rest of the hockey world. This video is simply a great tribute to just how damn confused everyone who watched the Stanley Cup clinching goal of 2010 was, everyone except for Patrick Kane of course.

There has to be better video of this somewhere, but since this is the same one that was showed on the Jumbotron at Staples before Bailey did it again in the 2010 playoffs, maybe not. Anyway, a classic Staples Center moment for Bailey, the Kings’ territorial mascot.
Another infamous Hitler parody video, this time he’s upset about Heatley, who was a member of the Ottawa Senators and requesting to be traded.

Unfortunately, embedding is disabled for this clip and I almost didn’t include it because of that, but after watching it recently for probably the 10th time and laughing again, I decided it was worthy.
Because I can’t decide which is the best of these, I’ve included multiple:

Best sports franchise marketing I’ve ever seen. And we are stuck with PRIDE=PASSION=POWER in Los Angeles, the ‘Entertainment’ capital of the world.

As a contrast, though this is not hockey related, here is an example of less than stellar sports franchise promotion:

Any dedicated hockey fan has seen their fair share of marketing or otherwise that can be classified as, well, lame. This goes beyond lame. This is the work of someone who is an apparent Marlins fan, and thinks a little too highly of himself. Its failure is as glorious as anything seen on Tosh.0.

Can never go wrong with Down Goes Brown. Virtually any significant NHL news is unequivocally summed up brilliantly by this blog. Almost makes me want to quit on the grounds that Crowned Royal will never live up to it on a satirical genius level. Of course, neither will anyone else.

Just try not to laugh at this site. Oh, and you can upload your own picture, crop out the head, put on a goofy outfit, and make yourself dance. Only problem is that the instructions are all in Swedish (even though he is Finnish). So good luck.

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