Impressively Mixing up Statistics

Who approves this stuff? And how does anyone involved think that the previous game Quick played in was a shutout? Does anyone there actually watch Kings games?

Some More Beauties from Our Friends at FS West

Perhaps there were multiple nets placed on the ice during this game and in fact, there were shots on multiple goals.

Wayne Gretzky is the Greatest Athlete Ever.

I don’t even know how something like this can happen.

I Know it’s an Odd Spelling, But Seriously

I highly doubt that I have to inform anyone reading this post that Ryan Smyth is spelled with a ‘Y’

Live Broadcast Fail! Staples Center Scoreboard 11.6.10

For some reason, the Staples Center crew forgot that they had to change the logo from Thursday’s opponent the Lightning to Saturdays opponent, the Predators.

Why Local Broadcasts Rule for Failures

Local broadcasts are of course infamous for inaccuracies, especially with sports- stats, pronouciations, and sometimes logos.

Broadcast Failures: Not Just in the NHL

The NHL is not the only sport in which TV broadcasts make mistakes.

First of Many (possibly) by Fox Sports West

Looks fine- but Dan Hamhuis was not in the building.

From Opening Night 2010 on Versus

It didn’t take Versus too long to screw up on their national hockey broadcast.

NHL Network Fail: SemYON Varlamov

We thought people had problems with his last name…

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