More Cowbell

Reed Kaufman
on twitter: @CrownedRoyal_LA

Syndicated Featured Columnist for the Los Angeles Kings on, now wised up and started Crowned Royal.

“OK. About Bleacher Report. I was young and scared, and needed the money. I told myself it was just until the baby was grown. But there was no money. And, no baby.”

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Sources Close to Bailey

DJ Spahr
on twitter: @DJSpahr

Broadcast journalist making his debut into writing. Lifelong Kings fan and hockey player.

“Became a Cal State Northridge legend after dropping the “F-bomb” as the sports anchor of the school’s TV news show.”

The Mouth

Reza Amini
on twitter: @TheMouthLAKings

“I’ll say what you’re afraid to say.”

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Omar B.

A guest contributor from Chicago, IL. Provides insight from his mother’s basement about the NHL, the Blackhawks, and the World of Warcraft.”

“Patrick Kane, I love you. Please never leave Chicago. And also, please share one of your many girlfriends with me.”

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