Get the Kings Stanley Cup Video for Less Than a 20oz Beer at Staples

If you haven’t picked up the 2014 Stanley Cup Championship recap video, now’s your chance. It’s now $14.49 for the DVD and only $16.49 for the Blu-Ray on Amazon.

The video is loaded with special features including:

  • Behind the Scenes with the Stanley Cup
  • Top 10 Highlights
  • Extended Los Angeles Parade Celebration

And if you have the hardware, the extra $2 for the Blu-Ray not only gets you the extra video quality, it also gets you Exclusive Blu-Ray Extras:

  • NHL Network Interviews
  • On-Ice Wireless Recaps of 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs
  • Extended On-Ice Celebration
  • Extended Locker Room Celebration

If you carve out the time, it’s incredibly easy to watch the narrative of the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs from start to finish. The best and most important moments from the march to the Kings 2nd Stanley Cup Championship are re-packaged using never before seen angles and given context with terrific narration and reactions from the players, coaches, and journalists. This retelling strikes a terrific balance of including every significant play without any dull moments.

In fact, the only thing the retelling could have done better was focus on some of the drama that was built in the situations of each series. While watching the recaps of each series is interesting and informative, it isn’t suspenseful. Considering the situations the Kings found themselves in (coming back from 0-3 against the Sharks and two more subsequent game 7’s) there certainly was potential to heighten the drama of the story.

Perhaps this would have been futile considering each viewer most certainly knew the outcome of each series, but to me, these playoffs were unrivaled in the dramatic fashion the events unravelled, and the only complete way to re-live these events would have been to feel the suspense of the situations.

That said, the story did focus on the history (or lack thereof) with the Ducks, the outcome of last year’s series loss to the Blackhawks, and the significance of facing the Rangers in the finals. Suffice it to say, the story is really a retelling of facts and events, and not a focused narrative on a particular feeling or emotion. Maybe this will be more appropriate for the feature film I’m pitching to Jerry Bruckheimer.

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