The Mouth’s 2014 Kings Championship Video of Glory -Updated-

The Mouth lets the images do the talking in his 2014 championship recap video.

Turn up the volume, hit fullscreen, and grab a kleenex.


Feel free to show The Mouth some love (or hate) on Twitter.

Click here for more Crowned Royal original videos.

8 Responses to “The Mouth’s 2014 Kings Championship Video of Glory -Updated-”
  1. Steven Spahr says:

    Great video fellas. I sent this to my N.Y. Ranger fan relatives to enjoy. This is how a team wins the Stanley Cup. They have nothing better to do with their summer. Thanks for the memories.

    • Rich says:

      Yeah enjoy the championship, but to say the NYR fans have nothing better to do with their summer is idiotic, remember this is NYC. I’ve been to many road NYR playoff gams this post season and the LAK fans are the lamest, most unknowledgeable hockey fans I’ve EVER come across. Congrats to the LAK Team they deserved it.

      • Rez says:

        Thanks Rich. Send Henrik my best!

      • towelielama says:

        I know enough that you’re a geographical myopic fucking scumbag loser. By the way, New Jersey thanks you for making them look good in 2012. CYA KOOK.

      • Longbeachyo says:

        Clearly you’ve never been to Anaheim… I know enough about the game to know that my team won and your’s lost! Haha! Suck it!

  2. Jefro says:

    What an amazing group of talented individuals. GO KINGS!

  3. Aussie King says:

    Quite simple my favourite video ever. Thank you,thank you, thank you.

  4. Aussie King says:

    I watch this once a day.

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