Kings Ducks Game 4 Preview – Best Photos of the Series

We’ve scoured the net for the best pictures of the series thus far, in a post brought to you by Can-Am Spyder.   To test drive a Can-Am Spyder and learn more about its three-wheel stance and seven automotive technologies, find your local dealerships here.


Now, make with the photos, monkey!


Kings Ducks Hockey-1




Drew Doughty, Matt Greene, Marian Gaborik

Los Angeles Kings v Anaheim Ducks - Game One

Comin’ at ya:

Kings Ducks Hockey-2

Oh Wild Wing. Never forget.

Wild Wing

Who could resist this smile?:

Alec Martinez, Tanner Pearson, Jeff Carter

I’m guessing he’s avoiding a check here but who knows:  488373683

Um. Same:jake-muzzin-mathieu-perreault-nhl-stanley-cup-playoffs-los-angeles-kings-anaheim-ducks


Brown hallway cropl

Carter goal cam goal

Carter celebrate crop


You mad bro?:

Another look at Quick being ridiculous  on Twitpic

Hey Brownie? You worried?:

heh  on Twitpic


Watch Gaborik knock the puck out of mid-air and into the net on Twitpic


I love everything about this GIF.  on Twitpic

Luck is irrelevant to Quick:

Quick with a great save after a crazy bounce off the glass  on Twitpic

Cool move, bro:

Perry pours water into Carter's glove.  on Twitpic

Savvy play by.. wait who the hell is that?:

Schultz to the rescue  on Twitpic

Cool move, bro:

sweet celebration, Perry on Twitpic

.. Yeah. Could’ve used that PP:

Ducks got away with this high stick right before the Lovejoy ... on Twitpic

When bounces aren’t going your way, make them:

Kings still lost but this is such a great goal by Richards on Twitpic

Don’t get mad. Get, well not even. Up by 2 in the series, ideally:
Quick is mad on Twitpic

6:30 tonight! We’ve reached an extremely pivotal point in the series. Tonight the LA Kings go up 3-1 in the series and put the Duckies on the precipice of their season, one webbed toe away from disappointing hundreds of fans in the southern suburb of Los Angeles.

Prediction: Kings take game 4 behind a Jonathan Quick shutout. In game 5, the Kings come out hot, take an early 3 goal lead and raise the drawbridge in the 3rd period. Getzlaf two-hand slashes someone, gets in a fight, leaves to the cheers of the outnumbered Ducks fans inside the Ponda. Perry takes a run at Quick, prepares for an avalanche of elbow drops from the top rope, and turtles- showing his true form. Or something like this. And Brian Hayward will defend him, wherever he is.

BRP and Can-Am Spyder are official partners of the NHL and throughout the season are bringing special experiences to the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Stay tuned for a post game update from The Mouth.

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